The unique BaseCamp was inspired by the avid camper.  It is a gravity feed system that requires no pumping.  With a two gallon reservoir, it is perfect for meeting the greater need for water in the camp.  The reservoir is made of durable, lightweight coated nylon fabric.  Total weight is only 11 oz.  Each filter provides a capacity of up to 200 quarts, depending on the water source.


  • Gravity feed--No pumping!

  • Two gallon reservoir

  • Durable, lightweight coated nylon fabric construction

  • Typical flow rate 1.5 pints/minute with 5 ft. of elevation (May vary depending on water and filter use.)

  • Does not effect water's taste

  • Total weight of reservoir, tubing, and filter element is 11 oz.

  • Filters up to 200 quarts depending on clarity of water source

  • Economical replacement filters

  • Filters particles and micro-organisms down to a 2 micron level

  • Same filter element as the original Timberline filter


The Timberline filter removes the parasites such as giardia, ameba, cryptosporidium, etc. but does not protect against bacteria or viruses.  Therefore, water containing substantial amounts of fecal matter or effluent from sewage treatment facilities (including septic tanks) should be avoided.


The filter and housing are factory assembled and should not be taken apart.  At each end of the filter element, there is a hot melt seal, which accommodates minor dimensional variations and prevents bypassing of the filter element.

1. Locate a tree or suitable hanging location to suspend the BaseCamp Filter.  For best results, the bag should hang about 5' from the ground.
2.  Attach one end of the tubing to the red valve on the bag.  Be sure the other end of the tubing is attached securely in the "in" end of the filter.
3.  Fill the bag full of the water you are filtering.
4.  Hang the bag about 5' from the ground.  This is made easy by unlatching the buckle on the strap.
5.  Position the filter over the reciprocal into which you will filter water.
6.  To stop the flow of water raise the filter up and hang it above or in the bag.
7.  Note that every drop of water will not be filtered.  Sediment drops to the bottom of the bag and should be dumped out rather than filtered.  This will give a longer life to the filter.


Frequent use of the filter prevents substantial buildup of micro-organisms in the filter media.  When the filter is not in use, tuck it into a plastic  bag and keep it in the refrigerator. This approach is satisfactory for short term storage (weeks) and will prolong the life of the filter.  Flushing the filter element with either diluted bleach or dilute vinegar (1 tsp. household bleach or vinegar per gallon of water) greatly enhances the utility of storing the wet filter element in a plastic bag (preferably in a cool place).  Both of these solutions can easily be flushed out of the filter with fresh water prior to use. 
If the filter is to be stored for more than two months, the filter element should be allowed to dry.  We recommend that you blow out the excess water by holding the filter in a vertical position.  then place the filter (outlet up) in a sunny, warm location (not oven) and let it air dry over a period of at least a week.

CAUTION:  DO NOT heat the BaseCamp filter unit.  Storage above 125 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended.


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